About Us

A non-profit organization working in accordance with local, national, and international NGOs and non-profit organizations dedicated to peacebuilding, global security, public safety, and humanitarian aid initiatives.


We are committed to global sustainable development for the advancement of peacebuilding efforts and human rights initiatives.


We envision a safer society for humanitarians to serve communities in need; unhindered by violence, conflict, and disruptions in the global supply chain.


ARAC International's Commitment to International Peace, Human Rights, and Public Safety

ARAC International is deeply committed to international peace, global security, and public safety, aligning its efforts with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 16 and 17. The organization recognizes the crucial role that effective security measures play in fostering sustainable development, promoting peace, and ensuring the well-being of communities worldwide.

SDG 16, "Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions," focuses on the promotion of peaceful and inclusive societies, the provision of access to justice for all, and the establishment of accountable and effective institutions at all levels. ARAC International actively contributes to this goal by offering comprehensive security solutions and expertise to NGOs, governmental agencies, and other entities operating in complex and challenging environments.

ARAC International's security services encompass risk assessment, crisis management, security training, and the development of robust security strategies. By empowering organizations with the necessary knowledge and resources to address security threats, ARAC International helps build resilient institutions capable of ensuring public safety, promoting stability, and fostering sustainable development.

Furthermore, ARAC International aligns with SDG 17, "Partnerships for the Goals," which emphasizes the significance of collaboration and partnerships to achieve sustainable development. The organization recognizes that addressing global security challenges requires the collective efforts of various stakeholders, including governments, international organizations, NGOs, and local communities.

ARAC International actively engages in partnerships and collaborations with relevant actors in the security field, fostering knowledge exchange, sharing best practices, and promoting cooperation. By leveraging these partnerships, ARAC International seeks to enhance global security capabilities, strengthen local capacities, and contribute to the broader goal of achieving sustainable development.

Through its commitment to SDGs 16 and 17, ARAC International demonstrates its dedication to promoting global security, public safety, and the advancement of sustainable development. By providing comprehensive security solutions and fostering partnerships, the organization contributes to creating a safer, more peaceful world where institutions are resilient, justice is accessible, and communities can thrive


The purpose of this site is to provide resources and training materials to assist organizations and individuals involved with humanitarian work and peacebuilding efforts within their communities. This was designed to deliver content and information  based on IEP's Positive Peace framework and to support sustainable development goals (SDGs) as outlined by the United Nations.